The Confirmation Program at St. Paul’s

The Christian rite of Confirmation (Affirmation of Baptism) is an important rite of passage in the Lutheran Church. It takes place in a young person’s life following the successful completion of two years of instruction, usually during the seventh and eighth grades. Accompanying the weekly classroom work are service projects, Confirmation camp and congregational meeting experiences, which help to introduce the student to the many facets of life and discipleship in and beyond the walls of St. Paul’s. In order to fulfill the promises that were made by his/her parents, sponsors and the congregation at the time of the young person’s baptism, regular worship attendance and participation in leadership roles are also expected.

Above all, the rite of Confirmation is the wonderful time in a young person’s faith formation when she/he stands before the gathered community of faith to affirm and celebrate the baptismal promises that were made on her/his behalf as an infant/child. The confirmand declares that she/he is ready and willing with the help of the Holy Spirit to profess her/his faith, continue in the covenant God made with her/him in baptism and move forward in faith to a greater level of discipleship in the church and world.

The whole church rejoices with the confirmand on this glorious day and promises to support and pray for him/her as together, we carry out the mission of God.

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