The Evangelism Team at St. Paul’s are the “come and see” people of the church congregation. The committee takes the lead in encouraging new people to visit and join the church congregation. The approach taken by the committee consists of six segments:

  1. Provide an invitation to come and visit us at St. Paul’s.
  2. Provide a warm and friendly welcome to the visitor upon entering the church.
  3. Provide appropriate hospitality to the visitor while visiting our church, be it a worship service, an activity, or an event.
  4. Provide introductions into the fellowship of the church, by making the visitor known to members of the congregation, and helping the visitor to establish familiar ground.
  5. Provide shepherding for new members as they are brought into the church – help them get established in the fellowship and the activities of the church, with regular follow-up during their initial months of membership.
  6. Provide the personal efforts to be a catalyst for the development of stronger relationship between the members of our own congregation.

Each segment of the Evangelism ‘pathway’ shows both new and current members, as well as visitors that our church is a warm, friendly, family-oriented place to worship God.

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