Communication comes in many forms. Our committee discusses ways that we can better communicate with our members and those outside the church.

Our mission is to provide leadership in planning, developing, and sustaining effective, timely and mission-driven communication with other internal and external communities and individuals.

This includes everything from sharing new communications tools with church members, updating the Display Presentation in the Narthex, sending the prayer of the week, helping to design posters and announcements, to supporting the St. Paul’s website and Facebook pages.

We believe that we need to communicate with people in the way that is most comfortable for THEM – if you feel the same and want to help then THIS IS THE TEAM FOR YOU!  All types of skills are needed – from the most current electronic media to just reaching out in person or by phone. Help us to facilitate communication on all levels within our church family and beyond.


Devoted to FAITH, HOPE & LOVE