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Youth Group


Planting Spring Flowers - Helping hands
Planting Spring Flowers – Helping hands

A family that plays together enjoys all of life better – this is the same for our church family. With God’s help and guidance, we plan fun and educational events to gather together and grow in Spirit. We are focused on engaging

Wrapping Christmas gifts for the outreach center

youth early since they are our future. Youth groups start at Kindergarten and run through High School.

Events are planned by the parents and involved youth.  Our middle  and high school groups  meet with Spirit Alive church group which give our teens more experiences

Youth Usher
Youth Ushering




We  seek to grow family life and involvement through family social events. Our Progressive Dinners, Congregational Bonfires and other events let us spend time with each other and enjoy others as friends.

If you have an interest in social activities for both family and youth, we would love you have you join our committee and help plan the events.

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